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Juliet, Naked - Nick Hornby Annie, Duncan and Tucker find themselves in a strange love triangle. Annie and Duncan have been a couple for 15 years, but Duncan's obsession with former rock star Tucker Crowe has always been an issue. Now after years of being a recluse, an acoustic version of Tucker's famous album "Juliet" has been released, fanning the flames of Duncan's fanboy web postings - and making Annie question their relationship more than ever. Add in Tucker emailing Annie and this threesome just got a little more complicated.

Oh Nick Hornby, I adore you, but this was not one of your best books. The story was just a little flat, the humor a little thin. Although the last few pages give a smidge of redemption, it was just a little too little too late. Annie, Duncan and Tucker were just all too whiny for my liking (and this is coming from the girl who LOVED the story about a group of suicidals by the same author). To use the British vernacular, they were all three kind of wankers.