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Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts 3.5 Stars

Caleb has plans to kidnap Livvie and turn her into a pleasure slave in order to finally seek vengeance on the mobster who sold him into slavery as a young boy. He could never predict that he would find himself attracted to her, or even more strange – that Livvie’s feelings for her captor could be torn.

This one made it on my radar screen because a lot of my Goodreads friends were reading it. I opted to finally read it because (1) it was the day after my birthday, (2) I was a little hungover, (3) I was spending the day at the pool (so basically the perfect trifecta to make a great porn-reading day). I am of the “completely grossed out/don’t get at all” set when it comes to the obsession of all things 50 Shades or Bared to You. However, this book had the one thing going for it that the aforementioned did not – A PLOT. A dark, twisted, maybe I’m going to be über creeped out by this erotica kind of plot. Although it had disturbing moments, I was not terribly horrified by Livvie and Caleb’s relationship. C.J. Roberts has done a good job of staying on the right side of the thin line of sexy titillation and didn't venture so far as to traumatize readers (like me) for life. I caved into buying Captive in the Dark because it was on sale for $.99 – I’ll be paying full price for the second one ‘cause I’m hooked.