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Case Histories - Kate Atkinson Kate Atkinson popped up on the radar because her new(ish???) book "Life After Life" is receiving press. The only DNF book for me this year was a Kate Atkinson (Emotionally Weird - it was literally about NOTHING). I decided to give her another go-round since her first book (Behind the Scenes at the Museum) got rave reviews and won awards and this one is a series of at least 4. Well, I finished it (so yay me). However, a halfway decent book takes me a couple days max to finish. This one took three days to get through 100 pages and then got set aside while I read two other books. I believe I can officially write Ms. Atkinson off my "to read" list. I can't imagine reading 3 more books about Jackson Brodie. This was supposed to be a "who dunnit" about 5 different cold cases, but there was no build up/excitement/anticipation of solving the cases. Either you know the solution right from the jump start or you were never provided any information to solve the case on your own so Atkinson just tells you in the last 20 pages of the book. Snoozeville.