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With or Without You - Domenica Ruta 2.5 Stars. This was recommended to me since I was mesmerized by The Glass Castle. Welllllll, they're both memoirs written by women with jacked up childhoods, but that's where the similarities end. Domenica Ruta gives you enough info to let you know her life sucked (addict for a mother, molested, hungry, etc. as a child), but she fails to fill you in on practically ANY detail of her experiences (and claims to have "blocked out" many of the various experiences/traumas that she's attempting to write about). She jumps around from childhood to adulthood and back again so many times you get whiplash. At the end of the book she informs you this was started as a letter to her mother. It left me curious if she truly blocked out anything or if she just really wasn't ready for her mother to read the truth yet.